Roll out the rugs

Tuesday, 8 May 2012 1:52 PM

Roll out the rugs

Though we may all have been ripping up our carpets and varnishing our floorboards in recent years, rugs are the final finishing touch to add comfort and warmth to a hardwood interior. They’re also very handy to cover up or distract from a horrid carpet or floor surface – the choice of your landlord or your home’s previous owner, perhaps – and a great way to add a welcome splash of colour and update your décor without demanding extensive decoration or expenditure. Slip your feet onto something soft and take a look at the options. 

Trends for 2012

Be bold, and banish the beige. The rug and carpet industry is as subject to the whims of fashion as any other, and is extremely colour-conscious; shades under the spotlight for 2012 are said to include plum, charcoal, teal and even navy blue and gold, as well as bronzes, deep tan-browns and earthy ochres inspired by the natural world. Here’s your chance to experiment with some new tones and textures. Organic plant-derived fibres such as hemp and sisal continue to be in demand, as well as wool in tweedy, thick-yarned weaves.

Bright block colours have been a strong theme at recent trade shows too – pink, mustard yellow, tangerine orange, leaf green and turquoise have all featured, in eye-catching geometric patterns, stripes, patchwork effects or on their own. Checks, floral motifs and other popular patterns have also been reworked and updated in the latest hot hues to give a modern twist. 

Traditional textiles

Classics such as Persian carpets continue to be cool, however, if your tastes are more timeless. Though hand-made Middle Eastern and Oriental rugs can be expensive, good-quality examples finished to a decent standard are increasingly affordable from mainstream High Street retailers as well as specialist importers; take a good look and feel the rugs on offer at different outlets to learn the differences between an authentic hand-knotted silk or wool rug, and a cheap factory-made, mass-produced imitation. These differences may not be apparent from a picture on a web page. 

Research the designs typical to certain regions or tribes, and make sure you know what you’re getting before you commit to spending any large sums. A high-quality rug from a well-respected supplier can be a good investment – older and antique examples often fetch high prices at specialist auctions such as those by Bonhams, whose experts are able to authenticate and advise on the rugs they sell. 

Less expensive floor-covering favourites also include sheepskins (perhaps try one dyed in a daring colour instead of the usual natural finish) and folksy rag rugs. Homespun handicrafts and vintage-inspired designs are perennial trends, and cottage-style or shabby-chic interiors need old-fashioned soft furnishings. 

You could even take a course to learn how to make your own rag rug: classes in traditional rug-making are held all over the country, and there are also many how-to books available and tutorials online. ‘Upcycling’ old clothes, tatty bedsheets and miscellaneous bits of material into a rug is eco-friendly – and immensely satisfying. 

When decorating your home, don’t forget about necessities such as home insurance, especially if you’re spending out on expensive rugs and soft furnishings which could be easily damaged or even stolen. The right level of home insurance is a must to help protect your home and your possessions. There is also the reassurance that if you do have a valid claim, the insurer can help you find approved repairers to help sort things out. Seek out the best home insurance quotes to find cover to suit your needs. 


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Roll out the rugs

Roll out the rugs

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